Saturday, November 24, 2007

Talent nite in Buffalo!

So Fiona invited me to contribute months ago and I'm sorry to say that this is my first post. Well, I'm glad I'm posting but you know, sorry it wasn't sooner. Whatevs.

Last Sunday we had a talent nite at our house. Here are some pictures:

That's Harrison with our friend Jen Miller. They're telling one-liners as the opening act of the Talent Nite. It was more of a variety show but who's keeping track. Not me.

This is me doing an interpretive dance to the "tonal poem" Steve is playing on his guitar. It won "Beautifulest." I'm not lying.

Finally here's Steve tuning up:

If you need more proof as to why everyone should move to Buffalo and join in our fun, then your heart is not real. You're probably a machine or a Cyclon or a robot. And those kinds of things, my friends, are not welcome.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

On the home stretch

Hi Everyone,
I hope that everyone is having a great thanksgiving. I am in Baltimore at my aunt's house with a massive amount of family. It is really great to see everyone... especially when I have had a couple glasses of wine. Not kidding. family is always so crazy but I have just been embracing the madness and trying to bring out the crazy side in everyone.

So on the farm it has been really cold. The garden is basically done. We are harvesting a few herbs and carrots and kale, but that is about it. A lot of my time has been spent building a greenhouse with Richard. It is pretty cool to learn about and it could definitely come in handy someday. We have also just been preparing for winter by building fences and whatnot. The other day our cows all escaped from our pasture so we had to drive around looking for them and them herd them back about a mile. It is good that cows are scardy-cats and run away from us because if they really wanted to they would not have to do what we want them to. THen I would have to pretend to be a dog and bark at them.

Reese (the newly five year old boy in my farm family) has been hanging out a lot in my apartment and we are really close. I am going to miss having him in my life and he is going to miss using me as a punching bag. I am working until december 18th and then going home for x-mas until the 28th. Then I am going back to Hudson to farmsit for 10 days while my farm family is in the bahamas. After they get back I am going to leave the farm for good. I am going down to visit with my mom and James in Puerto Rico for a couple weeks while my sister is still there for her winter break. So starting february 2nd I am a relatively free man until I go WWOOFing in Europe, probably starting in early April. So I would really like to get to see people during those months. It seems that buffalo is going to be a high concentration of people. I love buffalo in february....

In general I have been really happy at the farm. I have made some really good friends in the area, although many of them are leaving now. It is a lot nicer to work 45-50 hours a week that 70-75. Now that I have free time I am reading and cooking a lot more.

This saturday Fiona, Kristine, Harrison, and I are going to see each other in Albany. I am really excited for that to happen. Expect sugar rushes and guffawing. I hope everyone is doing well and that we can all see each other soon. love, Matt

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

this year i am thankful for...

i have been able to communicate a lot more (via the internet and phone) lately, which has been really good for me.
going to saratoga for thanksgiving. i'm excited to see my family. hug them all. especially eileen. there have been so many birthdays lately. or so it seems. we had a nice dinner for colin tonight. on the women's rugby beer pong table-- a la gaby.
watched project runway at colleen's tonight, while eating cupcakes and mango ice cream and sipping tea. it was really nice.
it will be nice to have a break. driving home will be nice too. relaxing.
i am thankful for all of you, soso much.

all my love and more. <3

p.s. i know i've already sent that picture to a bunch of people, but i think it's really nice.
it's main st. in 1960.