Saturday, June 30, 2007


(all your talk of bikes, tim, made me think of china. and all the bikes. and of this picture. so i decided to share it. i think it's a nice one.)

i just got back from a jazz concert.
the group that played was the christian scott sextet+walter smith III.
they were [fucking] great.
i thought some people might be interested in hearing the music.
this is his myspace site.

hope everyone is well.
come visit! <3

i talked to serena matt! she is alive, well and happy! =)

Friday, June 29, 2007


im going to be interning (volunteering?) at metro justice, which is a progressive advocacy organization in rochester. they're doing IDA reform, antiwar action, equal marriage, clean elections campaigns, and other things like that.

the tops of my thighs and forearms are sunburned from riding my bike in the sun. i also have a very intense farmers tan on my arms. i might make a cutoff shirt for bike rides to fix it and cutoff shorts are a must for summer bike riding.

i've been reading some great short stories by john cheever and george saunders.

i made lentil soup the other day that instantly made me feel like i was at matt's for a potluck. i wish my parents drank franzia so i could steal some.

im catching up on degrassi episodes, which are awesome, and listening to the smiths on repeat.

i hope everyone is still doing well.

love, tim

Thanks for asking, Harrison

Everything's right as rain in my little homelife bubble. Tomorrow I have an interview for a babysitting job. The children are 5 years and 14 months old, girl and boy, respectively. I hope I get it because more than anything I want to color and read Dr. Seuss. I just hope it's not one of those Baby Einstein kind of houses.

In other news, I had a nice little iced coffee walk with our very own Julie Nociolo today near our internships (quickly becoming a least favorite word, by the way) this evening. We talked about some of you folks (things you would want to hear, of course) and missing Geneseo. What I didn't say to her, and should have, in regards to this topic is that more than any place right now I miss Milne Library, and by that you all should know I mean a seat against the wall in Books and Bytes / Bytes and Eats / Eats and Shits / Snacks and Meals. I like the smell of the blueberry bagels (the taste-- meh) and I miss seeing some friends walk by so frequently.

I'm going to Ireland with my two brothers and my cousin on the 18th of July. We're going to meet family on both the east and west coasts of the country, travel around quite a bit. Needless to say, I'm very, very excited and will be taking lots of pictures.

I hope everyone is doing well. Please post.

OH, two movies everyone should see:

Half Nelson, which is on DVD/VHS now
and La Vie En Rose, which is in theatres.

The Bozos

i've been playing on my dad's slo-pitch softball team called The Bozos and it has been incredible. my brother colin plays as well which doubles the fun. everyone goes out for beer/pizza/ afterwards.

i got a call to schedule a final interview with the hillary campaign, but i haven't been able to schedule it yet due to their general ability to evade phone calls and emails. i also got offered a spot as an intern on the kucinich campaign.

i also have plantar fascitis which really, really sucks.

but i'm good!



Thursday, June 28, 2007

spandex is a privilege.

spandex is a privilege-
Originally uploaded by cloudsup

in my neverending Quest to have non-stop, fun-filled summer days, i made what i think is my fourth (?) batch of cookies. they came out kind of pancake-y again, but hey, they're still good!

in other news-
as my little sister bridget was skipping out the door this afternoon she recited the following (in reference to her unshaven arm pits):
"hairy pits, hairy pits goin' in the pool.
hairy pits, hairy pits, swimmin' everywhere."

how is everyone???
all my love. <3

Saturday, June 23, 2007

punching the hillary clinton campaign in the teeth

howdy folks.

as i'm sure you can infer from the title, i'm growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of job offers from the clinton campaign after they asked me point blank to not take a summer job doing anti-war organizing so they could have me work on the campaign. while i was pretty excited about the job as far as learning about large scale organizing techniques and to be in the midst of the excitement of a presidential race. also, hillary's campaign was the only one that made an ostensible job offer.

so, seeing as it's not likely that i'm gonna work for them, i've applied for an internship for the kucinich campaign, which i'd much rather work on anyway. i get a $400 a month stipend and help with housing, but i think if i get it, i'm gonna do it. i regret no scrambling to find a serviceable car and doing the anti-war work, maybe i can make up for it by doing this. it's tough though, where is the line of 'selling out' drawn? how far can justifications go? i would still work on the hillary campaign, but, i now feel foolish turning down other work in which i would've felt more ideologically comfortable . then again, if i never extricate myself from my comfort zone, is that just prepping me for a cushy life in burlington (with apologies to badger).
it's tough to say. options that are on the horizon: moving to nyc/philly/buffalo.

in the meantime!: i'm going to continue being an ad-hoc lumberjack for my uncle as we take down diseased elm trees on his property. next week, i get to use a sledgehammer. it's been awesome to work outside and get away from desks, computers, and the sort of lazy cerebral-ness that comes with ignoring the value of working with your hands for too long.

as fiona mentioned, we saw ocean's 13 and it was beautifully shot and a fun summer movie. right now i'm watching my sister brynn and her friend sierra run around outside sans shoes. yesterday was their last day of school.

<3s to everyone

today is so lovely!

it is gorgeous out right now!
so beautiful.
i'm listening to corrine bailey rae. i bought her cd. she's all i've been listening to lately!
yesterday i went strawberry picking! it was so nice. harrison and i saw ocean's 13. it was fun. =)
i'm going to start volunteering at kirsten gillibrand's office. she's the freshman congresswoman from the capital district.
i started volunteering again at the esl program i helped out at last summer. it's all run by volunteers and it's for the workers from the saratoga flat track. the program has gotten a lot bigger. the woman who heads it is in the process of applying for grants, and next summer they're hoping to have a lot more money. it's such a great program. i hope it all works out =).
saratoga high graduation was yesterday, so today i have to go to a few parties with my family.
tonight, i'm making cooks!
if everyone is free the second weekend of july i was thinking of having people at my house. hopefully you are a free, and can come!

i'm going to the saratoga jazz fest tomorrow. al green is going to be there! =) i'm happy.

i miss everyone so much.
all my love. <3

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tim, this is pretty much the summation of my feelings toward you

( a la Of Montreal )

Tim, wish you were born a girl,
So I could've been your boyfriend.
I know it's not possible now.
I just never met a girl I like half as much as you.

And we could lay around in bed, stay there all day,
Or at least until the afternoon
And I could make you spaghetti with tomato sauce
With just a touch of oregano and a parsley stem.

And then when you got sick,
I could take the day off work.
I could've made you chicken soup,
And we could watch soap operas
- oh, those TV dramas!
I could catch your cold
and you could take care of me.

If I could've met you at school, or met you at work,
It would have changed everything.
Those years of losing, confusion and insecurity,
They would have been shared,
they would have been easier.

Tim, wish you were born a girl,
So I could've been your fianc�.
I'm not saying you can't be all these things for me,
But it's just not the same because you're a man,
and so am I

Monday, June 18, 2007

one of emily's countless obsessions!

i don't know how many of you already have been subjected to my obsessing over this woman before, but this is the new M.I.A. video and let me tell you, this crush ain't goin nowhere.

check out the "making of" too... she tries to get all the best dancers from jamaica!
hey guys,

i hope everyone is doing well. my summer has been pretty good so far. i tried working for NYPIRG for a week (lisa was a director actually) but unfortunately i am not a very good door to door person. in three days of work i only made $20 for their energy planning process campaign so i figured this wasn't the best for me. i worked a temp job at a hinge factory which was not fun at all but luckily the job ran out after a week. i decided that i didn't want to risk working in a factory for the rest of the summer so i took my old job back at tom wahls (which involves flipping burgers and scooping ground beef with ice cream scoops)>> i might be vegan by the end of the summer to make up for it

i started a garden of potted vegetables on my deck so i should have plenty of tomatoes, pepper, oregano, and basil this fall and whoever wants some is more than welcome.

besides that i haven't done much but ride my bike, read, and buy records. last night i got to ride bikes at night with some of my friends which is the best. im also kind of practicing with a hardcore punk band called 'pet detective', which will be very fast and have lyrics based around the ace ventura movie of the same name and other pressing social issues of equal magnitude.

im thinking i would like to have a picnic/potluck type thing at my grandparents cottage on lake ontario at sodus. im not sure when but everyone would be invited of course.

i hope everyone is having a good summer!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

farmer lapennas.

harrison and i went to go visit matt on his farm this friday.
it was really nice.
he showed us all around the farm, and showed us what he does each and every day. we also got to meet the farm fam, which consists of the 'rents and two little kids, who are little cuties!!
we went to dinner at a nearby pub, which serves all locally grown and raised food. i got a grilled cheese, of course. there was also live music, which was priceless.
we got to see "knocked up". harrison really liked it, but matt and i thought it was a bit long. i was pretty sleepy though.
the next morning we went to the "hawthorne valley farm store", which was about a 10 minute drive, and is where matt has been buying all his groceries. it's pretty expensive though, since all the food is organic. looks like matt's gonna have to start doin' some shopping at good ol' price chopper!
then, the three of us basically just ate until harrison and i had to go. matt made us chocolate chip pancakes!! it was great.
it was so nice to see matt. can't wait to see him again!

after i got home, i went to go see the band "pink martini" at suny new paltz. i've seen them before, and they did not disappoint. they're amazing.

hope everyone is well! love to all. <3

Thursday, June 14, 2007

songs by eels, leonard cohen and david byrne.

this makes me laugh. i thought it might make others as well.


updated trailer of hp5!! yayyy!

hope everyone is well. <3

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


because i have no job, and consequently no structure in my life, i check this blog approximately 87648275648658734q times a day. and yes, the q is there ON PURPOSE.

yall are invited to come up for zoolander in a few weeks!

is anyone else as pumped for transformers as i am? anyone?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Hola, from down on the farm!

Hello Everyone!
Wow, I can't believe that I am writing on a blog. I guess that it was bound to happen someday and it isn't too surprising that Fiones had a large hand in getting me here. Anyhow, I have been having a great time at Cowberry Crossing Farm. I moved in about a week and a half ago with some help from George Norman Lapennas. Needless to say that was a bit of an adventure as his car is on its last legs and the trailer we were using to move my stuff had only one tailight. The trip included my stuff getting wet in the trailer and my Dad receiving two tickets for the aforementioned automotive issues. The farm family that I am living and working with is really great. The is a mommy, Cecile and a daddy, Richard and two kids Reese (4) and Grace (10). Richard moved to America from England when he was a young adult and he is a really nice guy. Cecile is a California girl (i mean woman). Reese is really cute and pretty with it for a four year old. Grace is really quite smart and she likes to keep an eye on me and make sure that I am doing things properly (which I ALWAYS am). My days start around 6:30 when I get up to feed the animals. Then I go in for a quick breakfast and am out working until about noon when I break for lunch. Then I work until about 5 or 6. I usually have some small thing to take care of later at night, but I am basically free after six pretty much every day. I won't go into any detail about my work because it would take way too long and I want to keep this from getting too ridiculously long.

So, I was definitelyworried coming in to this that I would be too isolated, but it hasn't turned out that way. I mean, there are definitely times when I feel a bit bored after I get off work and I wish that I had someone to have dinner with or something, but it isn't too bad. I have also met some really cool interns and apprentices at other farms lately. I met two other twentysomethings working at a farm about 18 miles away who are cool. I also met a bunch of interns who work at Hawthorn Valley Farm (a large biodynamic farm/Waldorf School), which is about seven miles from my farm. There are 8 interns there and I can go over there anytime and someone is sure to be around in the evening. They are all cool and I especially like this guy Sasha who works there. He is a fairly silly Russian who loves the drink, so we get along pretty well. No Franzia consumption yet.... Hawthorn Valley people also have a keen interest in Piracy and personalized Jolly Rogers. Harrison, you would LOVE IT.

Well, I need to get off the computer so that Cecile can use it, but I just read everyone's posts so far and it sounds like everyone is doing pretty well, which is good to hear. I would love to hear from all of you and I will try to be better about calling folks to chat in the near future. I miss you all so much. I hope to see you all in the forseeable future. Take care.

Love, Matt

ps- I have made cooks and a blueberry pie. Also, I love Lebron James even though the cavs have been handled by the spurs recently.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

has anyone made any good cooks lately?

my images of summer thus far.
i'm sure there will be many, many more.

hope everyone is wellwellwell! (triple-time.)

colleen, i cannot wait to come visit you at k-mart!


missing everyone <3

so, i'm not taking the iraq summer job. it was a hard decision, but i think it's the right one. i actually had an interview with the hillary people in iowa, and i should have another one on monday. things actually look pretty good as far as getting that job goes. they sent me an email saying they are "extremely" interested in me, which, i take as meaning i basically have the job. it's something i'm still struggling to come to terms with; after all, what exactly is even IN iowa anyway? besides corn? and soybeans? i shouldn't put it down too much i suppose. after all, it is the namesake of those stupid tests we all had to take in 3rd grade. i just hope i land in des moines, iowa city, or where the university is, that would be nice. i've small-towned it enough in geneseo, at least for a little while. the rumors i've heard place the job at roughly... um... 24k a year with full health benefits. it will be campaign hours though, 10-14 a day... i'm actually still looking to buy a new car, in fact, i should be heading out in a few minutes to "buy" one. i think it's gonna be a toyota yaris, a weird name i know but it's supposed to be a pretty good bargain basement car. so, by the time i next write yall i may be the proud "owner" ( loans loans loans) of a brand spankin' new car.

missing everyone <3

Friday, June 8, 2007

Originally uploaded by cievenn
i went to iowa last week. it was a 15 hour car ride and this was a lot of what looking out the window was like. not particularly beautiful, but not ugly either. (i also saw a double rainbow)

we went to go see my grandma, cousins, aunts and uncles- the cousins were really great. we hadn't seen most of them in many years (count 'em...10)

i don;t have a job yet, but have an interview at k-mart on the 13th which i think is hilarious. and then my sister and i are planning on going into the city sometime late june.

em darling- i'm reading to the lighthouse as well, and also Lord of the Rings again (i couldn't resist matt)

saw Julian for a few days this week. they had to put his dog patches down. he was old and tired and his body was shutting down. so it was sad.

i miss everyone.
and of course love.


p.s. the interviews! that's really great you three.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Congrats on Campaign!!!

Hello all,
Harrison, Greg, Sara congrats on your campaign interviewsss!!!!!!! i hope you all the best.....anyway updates in my life: went to PS 128 today and stained bookselves with people from the Gap and yesterday played bingo with Seniors at Cabrini nursing home with crazzy JP Morgan interns.....miss you alll

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

alright okay

hello lovelies. i miss you all very much.

my life this summer consists of interning two days a week at the national coalition against censorship ( and basically just alot of futzing around at home. i've seen three movies, "Away From Her," which was a sad little film based on an Alice Munro story about a woman with Alzheimers, "Killer of Sheep" which was some dude's film thesis back in '77 about this man who works in an abattoir and his community/family (definitely worth a checking out), and "Knocked Up" which was surprisingly hilarious. i'm currently reading virginia woolf's "to the lighthouse" and it's taking me way longer than i expected. i've also been reading joyce carol oates stories which i like and some baudelaire which i'm not crazy about, but i'm hoping i will pick up some new vocabulaire in preparation for being thrown into the bouillabaise this fall, so to speak. i saw the band animal collective play on friday for free and that was really sick.

my boss just saw me typing away at that paragraph and stopping abruptly upon spotting him. i'm real slick.

anyway, it was super sweet meeting up with julie the other day in the city. any one else in the area now or soon...? call me / email me / blog that shit.

emily ann pisacreta

iowa or bust?


this past weekend, my parents went to their joint college reunion @ Hamilton/Kirkland. while at some fancypants dinner, they happened to run into Tom Villiseck
(misspelled i know), former governor of Iowa and presidential candidate. currently he is co-managing hillary clinton's campaign. needless to say, one thing lead to another and monday i received a phone call from the campaign where an interview was scheduled for later that went well and i have a follow-up in about a week or so.


greg and sara also received interview-phone calls!

i've been going to bed at midnight and waking up at 8:30. it's a good, jobless life.

i also intend on watching the movie "Predator" in the near future. how is everyone else!?

celluloid skyline

Sunday, June 3, 2007

attention all you love actually lovers out there!

i was telling matt about this movie the other day.
i think it may beat out "love actually" in trying to successfully follow 18 plot lines.
we'll see.

elijah is in it.

Friday, June 1, 2007

truth fiones did start a blog

i am a working women 5days/week 8hours/day plus commuting-intense...i am slowly understanding exactly what I have to do but it will involve much traveling around the city....regardless i saw emily yesterday for like 20 minutes and will see fiones for dinner on sunday!!! yippeee-hope everyone is doing well (this heat is exhausting) and in you are in nj or nyc hit me up

lebron james

just dropped 48 points on the pistons. matthew lapennas, rejoice.