Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Postedy Post Post

FEEYONA!! this blog is beautiful! this (i am ashamed to say) is my first trip to the truestatements blog, and I am so impressed! i love the dots!

i saw ratatouille TWICE in theatres already and i highly recommend it - definitely worth the eight or nine bucks. today i drove to my dad's and spent the day on the lake, soakin up rays and makin some vitamin D. i'm listenting to John Mayer's Continuum, which is refreshingly and surprisingly good. Bluesy, charming. in other news, i got a second job as a "back server" (a euphemism for water girl/busser) at a classier restaurant outside of Rochester. they KNOW i'm leaving in september, but they were like, "we want to keep the staff fresh." i guess that means i'm fresh... so fresh and so clean, clean.

i hope everyone is healthy and enjoying the amazing weather :) mucho amor to all!

Friday, July 27, 2007

fiones loves to blog! it's true.

i hope everyone is doing well! i hope to hear from more people on this, but it's totally ok if people aren't enjoying it...

today, i cut off most of my hair, after being inspired by short-haired teets & gordon. i may need some evening out by a friend, since i cut it pretty short, and can't really see how it looks in the back...

sara is off to iowa on sunday! to work for the john edwards ['08] campaign! woo! harrison, kristine and myself drove out to hudson, ny to meet up with sara and matt last night for some dinner and catch-up chats. it was nice. we saw bill the eight pound bunny again! =)

it is officially track season in saratoga. people are everywhere! especially price chopper supermarket[s]! love it!

i have been corresponding via email with colin w., who is living in geneseo for the summer. we have a bunch of ideas of stuff we want to do next semester/year. it's nice to think about. =)

i know i still have a month left of my summer, but it is crazy to think it's going to be august soon- i have had such a lovely time so far, i feel very lucky.

i am super sleepy. goodnight. i miss you all so much.
all my love. <3

Saturday, July 21, 2007

break it down.

"mow, mow, mow your lawn

'til you sweat and sweat.

mowily, mowily, mowily, mowily

it will really make you sweat."

-bill murray prior to leaving the couch to go mow the lawn

it is a beautiful day in saratoga this morning! the sun in shining! babar is on tv!

this past weekend, emily, sara, matt, kristine and harrison came up to visit me in saratoga. we got to go the beach in lake george! it was super nice. a seagull pooped on me. we played volleyball for hours. my neighbors were away, so we also got to swim in their pool! we ate a lot of food. sarah wolfsont came to visit! she lives in ballston spa. on sunday, we all went to kristine's brother mark's graduation party in west sand lake. there were lots of cookies. we got to go on a rope swing! the lake was so beautiful! harrison, matt and sara were the only ones to brave the makeshift rope, but it's safe to say, a good time was had by all!

taryn stopped by at the end of the party, and she, kristine, harrison, matt and i got to go see harry potter and the order of the phoenix! it was wonderful. when we all drove matt back to his farm in hudson, we were finally able to meet a certain someone we had been dying to see the entire weekend- bill the eight pound bunny! pictures were taken!

on monday, harrison, taryn and i went on a hike in thacher park. it was called the indian ladder trail. there was a cave! we came to saratoga to enjoy some much needed rest for a bit. we visited this great antique book store in saratoga and taryn acquired a cook book! later that day, harrison and taryn made some curry from the book- it was so delicious! on tuesday, harrison, taryn, me and two of harrison's buddies went to this cute little cafe in albany for breakfast. it was a nice end to our non-stop week o' fun!

it was so nice to see everyone! i only wish more people could have come out!

last night, my good friend katie and i spent about 3 hours at borders books eagerly (sleepily) awaiting the release of the seventh and final harry potter book! it was a lot of fun. my two little sisters were so cute. bridget was all dressed up! no one really went into hysterics, but as we all know, the end of harry potter is unlike anything else in so many people's lives, and i think that's pretty amazing. when i told bill murray that maeve cried last night, at first he chuckled, but then proceeded to say "ya know, the end of these books are probably making maeve feel like it's the end of her childhood. she's read all the books as a child, and now that they're finally done, she's probably feeling like she's no longer a kid."

it is sad to think that the books are over, but also still really nice that we were able to enjoy them in our lifetime. =) and there's still two more movies! yayyy!

emily's in ireland! sara's going to iowa! tim's canvassing for pro-choice new york! i'm not really working at all!

i hope everyone is doing really well. i miss you all.

all my love. <3

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

revolution '67.

i sent out an infoSHARE email about this the other day, but figured i'd post it here as well.
the premiere of this documentary is tonight, july 10th, at 10pm- so check it out if you're free!
i'm going to try and tape it, if i can find a blank cassette, so let me know if you want to borrow it.

the sunshine is seriously amazing. it makes me soso happy. =)

i hope everyone is well.

go jump in some water today!

all my love. <3

Sunday, July 8, 2007


to make a long two days of gut-wrenching decisions short, i'm opting to work as an intern for dennis kucinich instead of taking the job with hillary.

400/month with free lodging. IN CLEVELAND!!!!!!!!!

<3 Rustbelt Economies<3

so, everyone will have to come visit me as i will have no funds to visit anyone. i'm getting dangerously excited to see folks this weekend.

love h

Saturday, July 7, 2007

let the sunshine in.

i just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend, because it is so lovely outside, and i really hope you can all get out and enjoy the sunshine! it's so nice.
kristine is home from europe! yayyy! i got to see her, and harrison, and brynn last night. it was great.
this past thursday, i went to boston with my dad and sisters. it was really fun. on friday, was another fun-filled family day. we visited edith wharton's former estate (the mount) in lenox, massachusetts- which is even ritzier than saratoga. i have been trying to keep in contact pretty well with everyone. as for people who have yet to frequent the blog, sara's home from mississippi! yay! matt's killin' chickens. serena's workin' the land. taryn's on vacation in delaware. colleen's singin' it up. nociolo's commutin' like crazy. greg's relivin' his childhood at his camp. all is well. i also received an email from noah and julian, who are currently in amsterdam! yayyy! they're doing well, and having a wonderful time.
i miss everyone so, and hope you are doing well!
also, come up to upstate ny next weekend if you're free! probably stay in saratoga/albany. yayyy!
all my love. <3

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

job offer!?!?!?!?!

campaign hillary offered me 2k/month through january with full health/dental, a campaign cell phone, and 30 cents per mile reimbursement for gas.

12-14 hour days...

rural iowa/iowa city?

so folks, what do yall make of this? so i rock the cornfields or what/

Monday, July 2, 2007

ok, ok

Out of my desire to keep everyone posted on my life and out of a sincere fear that if I don't post more often Harrison is going to kill me in my sleep, here I am again. Things are still going well for me here at the farm. I got paid for the first time yesterday which was pretty nice. They said that they wanted to pay me under the table, and I agreed. However, then I started to think about it, and it seems a little hypocritical of me to do that because I generally support the idea of paying taxes in hopes that our government will use the funds wisely (hey, I'm a dreamer). But of course I do not like the way our current government is using tax dollars to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So I thought that maybe I will just figure our what I would pay in taxes and instead donate that money to organizations that I think are doing things that I wish my taxes went towards. Let me know what you think of this idea or if you have a better idea (this is really not a huge issue because I hardly pay any taxes on my $900/month anyway). So I have been doing some sweet cooking lately. I made some biscuts the other day and had some kick ass strawberry shortcake. Then last weekend I made a coffee cake with a crumbly topping, decent. I also have been cooking some eggplant parmesean and I made pesto with basil from my farm.

My work is still going well. I had to slaugther chickens the other day. That was a pretty intense experience that I will gladly discuss with anyone who wants to, but I don't think I can express myself clearly in writing. Suffice it to say, I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. I have been doing a bunch of bike riding to and from the pub and other places around Hudson. This past saturday I rode my bike to take my five hour course, which means that matt lapennas may soon have his driver's liscense. Oh shit. That is a rough picture of what I have been up to with lots of gardening and feeding animals in between. I miss everyone a lot and I can't wait to see the people who are going to be at fiona's house in a couple weeks. Hope everyone is doing well. Bye bye.